For Organisations

Preparation for Certification

Gain a globally standardised professional certification and be trained by world leading HR reporting experts. We HR Management experts, and can assist in HR solutions development. This supports HC reporting and workforce data quality certification, such as:

  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Surveys
  • Talent Management 
  • Job Evaluation
  • Metrics Software Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Coaching
  • Training & Development

Pre-Certification Activities

Gap Analysis is undertaken to determine the current preparedness for the standards. We consequently review reporting responsibility, data availability, data quality, as well as supply and ownership integrity. Further, any questions around the preferred route to certification, timelines, and budget can be clarified by us:

Certification Review

The certification’s goal is to evaluate your human capital reporting or workforce data quality based on the ISO 30414 and AS5329 standards.

Small to medium organisations will need to report on 32 metrics, while large organisations will need to report on 58 metrics.

A trusted third-party certification body, or “Registrar”, also assesses compliance with the standards and the organisation’s declared management system. Once this is completed successfully, your organisation will receive a certificate of compliance from the Registrar.


The recertification review evaluates the fulfilment of the certification requirements. Recertification must however be achieved within six (6) months following the certification expiration.

The new certification is effective on or after the Technical Reviewer’s recertification decision. The expiry date is however based on the prior certification cycle. 

Annual Interim Reviews

Planned onsite or interim reviews maintain confidence that the management system continues to fulfil the certification requirements. The first such interim review is conducted within twelve (12) months of the certification decision date.  These interim reviews are not necessarily full system reviews. They are therefore generally one third of the initial review time. There are two total interim reviews before recertification.

Technology Solutions

We can provide advice and solutions to automate and manage many of the data analysis requirements. We can host software solutions for your metrics data and your Talent management needs. Advanced business analytics for human resource management are also available. These drive your competitive advantage through higher workforce productivity, smarter workforce spending and better talent management.

External Reporting

Whether you need simple metrics summary inclusion in annual reports or more detailed human capital report, we have the experience and resources to help report your human capital information externally.